Fall For Health – 2 Dates & Locations

Plant foods fuel your body with what it needs to keep you going all day long. Come and get inspired to try some new twists on food from the garden. You’ll learn how to: Create mouth-watering smoothies that fill you up, not out. Blend up a satisfying soup in 5 minutes. Turn kale into a […]

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Sweet & Savory Sensations – June 22nd

Sweet & Savory Sensations – dishes so delicious, they don’t taste like “health food” Do you crave Mexican food when you want something filling and comforting? But not so happy with how you feel after indulging in greasy, cheesy food that leaves you feeling less than great? Learn how to prepare healthy versions of these […]

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Wrap & Roll Class – January 26th, 6-8pm

Everyone loves to eat with their hands and to take food “to go”–which explains the popularity of finger foods such as sandwiches. But the typical sandwich is high in refined carbs and can leave you feeling weighed down. Asian wraps such as spring rolls and nori rolls, and collard green wraps are the solution to […]

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