At Green Spirit Living Farm, we’re all about growing the tastiest, healthiest microgreens

just for you.

To enable us to grow year round, with just the right temperature and humidity, we grow indoors on vertical racks with LED lights. We properly ph our filtered well water, but use no chemicals, fertilizers or soil, as everything needed to grow to the cotyledon stage (first leaves when a plant germinates) is contained in the seed. We use 100% natural coconut coir fiber mats as our growing medium and grow in 100% food-grade trays to eliminate any contaminants. We purchase organic seeds whenever possible, and always GMO-free. This is the PURE METHOD as taught by our mentors at City-Hydro Vertical Farm.


Linda Szarkowski

Founder, microgreen farmer and happy health nut. Linda started Green Spirit in 2008 after discovering the health benefits and amazing flavors of raw foods. Learning from the best at the premiere raw food school, Living Light, in northern California, she started out teaching classes to share her knowledge with others in the Chicago area, while also becoming the raw food chef at the Chicago Diner. Soon, after many requests, she started a weekly prepared meal plan, long before the days of being able to order from the myriad of meals now available online. In 2015, after tiring of the big city life and being captivated with the beauty of Leelanau county in northern Michigan, she moved and settled into the quiet life of the countryside.

Not wanting to create another food business but still wanting to share her love and knowledge of the huge changes anyone can make for their health by their food choices, she worked with Press On Juice to expand their food offerings, taught classes, gave free talks and coached private clients. In 2018 Linda expanded her business by adding the indoor living microgreens farm.

Linda eats a plant-based diet that includes plenty of raw, living foods. She knows not everyone is ready for that, but everyone can benefit by adding more fresh fruit and vegetables - especially greens of all sizes - to their daily diet.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.